Posted by: usset001 | September 24, 2008

A Video Star is Born

Several months ago, Corn & Soybean Digest invited me to participate in a series of special reports on my work in the world of grain marketing. The project is sponsored by Asgrow and given the title “Consistency Counts.” It involves working with a writer, Kurt Lawton, to develop short pieces to explain my approach to grain marketing. These write-ups will be featured in Corn & Soybean Digest and in enewsletters. In addition to written reports, I was asked me to develop a series of five short videos on grain marketing, to be featured on the Consistency Counts website created to support the series.

Videos? That’s quite a request – I’ve never done videos before. There’s an old joke about having a face made for radio, but my concern is a voice made for silent movies. But I said yes and over the past few weeks I have been writing and taping videos for the Consistency Counts website. My colleague at the Center for Farm Financial Management, Jeff Reisdorfer, serves as producer, director and cameraman. I confess we’ve had more than a little fun working together on the project.

Here are the titles of the five videos in development; (1) Grain Marketing is Simple, (2) The Post-Harvest Marketing Challenge, (3) Post-Harvest Marketing Plans, (4) The Pre-Harvest Marketing Advantage and, (5) Pre-Harvest Marketing Plans. The first one is “in the can” (how’s that for movie speak?) and featured now on the Consistency Counts website. Look for the others to be released in roughly four week increments. Let me know what you think of my budding career in videos.

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