Posted by: usset001 | October 16, 2008

New “Winning the Game” programs

“Winning the Game” introduced many grain producers to the Center for Farm Financial Management. Many extension educators are known for their presentations of these practical and award winning programs.

“Gain the Pre-Harvest Marketing Advantage” was our first “Winning the Game” program, introduced in 2000. Two years later, we offered “Launch Your Pre-Harvest Marketing Plan.” In 2004, we tackled the issue of marketing after harvest with “The Post-Harvest Marketing Challenge” which was followed two years later with “Launch and Land Your Post-Harvest Plan.”

What can we do for an encore?

How about “Tool Time for Post-Harvest Grain Marketers” and “Tool Time for Pre-Harvest Grain Marketers,” two new Winning the Game programs created to help producers develop a better understanding of pricing tools. Dramatically higher prices changed the landscape in grain marketing, forcing many buyers to restrict or limit the pricing options offered to producers. Today, more than ever, grain marketers need a clear understanding of every pricing tool available in their toolbox.

Our new “Tool Time” programs reinforce lessons from earlier programs, while changing the emphasis to help producers understand pricing tools. Past programs dedicated 80% of the time on marketing plans, with the remaining 20% dedicated to pricing tools. “Tool Time” aims to reverse that equation, spending 20% of the time on marketing plans and 80% of the time on pricing tools. But the fun remains! Our new programs feature a simulation game used to illustrate the tools by challenging participants to try new approaches in executing a plan.

You can learn more about these programs at the Winning the Game website. If you would like sponsor a program, click here for a sponsor brochure.

All of our Winning the Game programs share these elements; they are half-day programs (about 3.5 hours) that feature a fun and educational market simulation game, and participants leave saying “I can do that!” I hope you take the time to check out our new programs.

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