Posted by: usset001 | November 6, 2008

Celebrity Producers Pre-Harvest Update for Soybeans

grandmaI’ve been busy updating my celebrities all week, bringing them up-to-date with pre-harvest marketing actions in 2008 and wrapping-up 2007 post-harvest marketing actions for corn, soybeans and spring wheat. Here I want to focus on my celebrities efforts in pre-harvest marketing of soybeans in 2008.

Grandma’s simple marketing approach got the best results in 2008. She averaged $11.24 per bushel (and $3.00 better than Barney’s harvest price) by simply pricing 10% of her crop each month from January through July. Her slow and steady approach can be very effective.

Check out a summary of all players results by year here. You can also examine in detail the actions taken by each player in each year since 1989 here.

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