Posted by: usset001 | December 13, 2008

Notes from the road

img_0665I am two weeks and four states into my December travel schedule. Next week I will add three more stops and two more states to the list.

Yesterday I spoke at the soybean expo in Wahoo, Nebraska (and who can beat “Wahoo” for a great town name?). There were over 300 producers at the expo and I estimate 150 chose to sit in on my talk, “Grain Marketing is Simple.”  I detect a few changes in the attitudes of producers this year.

First, I see a real concern in many faces. The market dropped so fast in the last few months and it has caused a great deal of denial and disbelief. Second, my audiences pay close attention to what I have to say; a real change from the polite reception I received last year.

Today there is a lot of corn and soybeans in the bin, and many farmers asking me, “What should I do now?” I ask them to put a satisfactory (and realistic) price on their grain and write it down. Let’s hope for a rally and, more important, be ready to act if it happens.


  1. Ed

    Thanks for putting on your workshops the past couple days in Pierre and Onida. Our producer response have all been positive. The workshops gave some needed tools to many of our area producers.



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