Posted by: usset001 | February 17, 2009

Breaking out of a flat market

cornfieldI’ve been aching to sing the “flat market” blues for some time, because the market had no real direction over the last 4 weeks. Unfortunately, we seem to have found a new idea this morning and with it lower prices.

I am holding out hope that the market will find a way to rally back, as it has with many recent price drop. But hope is not a marketing plan. Get one ready – the “too-too” season of March-May is ahead. With it may come some better new crop and old crop pricing opprtunities.


  1. Not the right break out today; but they do say that we need low prices to help spur on a little bit of demand so perhaps the lower we break now the higher we can go or hope to go later???

    Ed do you think one should be purchasing any puts to help protect either inventory or as part of the 2009 pre harvest marketing plan? These markets are a little on the scary side with the economy being like it is.

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