Posted by: usset001 | January 20, 2010

Welcome back to school

Yesterday was the first day of class of the spring semester at the University of Minnesota. I welcomed 52 students to my “Futures and Options Markets” class held in 144 McNeal Hall on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minesota. The class breaks down into three main groups including 40 undergraduate students (primarily Juniors and Seniors) , 6 graduate students, and 6 MAST students (an international exchange). Here are my course objectives for the next 15 weeks of class.

  1. Develop an understanding of the economics of futures trading on organized commodity markets
  2. Basis (cash-futures price relationship) in storable and non-storable commodities
  3. Hedging – the commercial use of futures markets
  4. Understand carrying charges
  5. Study options on agricultural futures
  6. Examine the role of speculation in futures
  7. Study market performance and government regulation


  1. Prof. Usset:

    I recently read your book “Grain Marketing is Simple” and learned a terrific amount about how a producer sells his/her crop.

    Would you ever consider having a correspondence course for your class “Futures and Options Markets?” Thanks for your great work.

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