Posted by: usset001 | March 11, 2011

North Dakota travels and New Ulm Farm Show Sunday

Earlier this week I traveled to Aneta, ND to present a “Launch your Pre-Harvest Marketing Plan” workshop to nearly 40 farmers in the Aneta area. Scott Huso of Fusion Ag, a local seed company, invited me to Aneta, which is about 110 miles northwest of Fargo. Last week I made a similar trip to Lisbon, ND. Both groups were lively and engaged, and that always makes for a fun day.

Here’s a fun fact: On Wednesday, I drove from Fargo to Aneta, completed the workshop and drove home to St. Paul – 465 miles in one day. I did this all in a Toyota Prius, which needed a whopping 10 gallons to fill upon my return. That’s how I handle $4 gas.

I’ve been a poor blogger of late, with a heavy travel schedule and preparing to administer my first midterm exam. The exam is finished but a surprisingly busy March schedule continues. On Sunday afternoon, I speak at the New Ulm “Hub City” Farm Show, 1:00 pm at the New Ulm Civic Center.

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