Posted by: usset001 | June 13, 2011

New Pre-Harvest Marketing Games on Commodity Challenge

Commodity Challenge is a premier on-line trading game, featuring “real time” cash, futures and options quotes. It is used by farmers and marketing groups for training, in high school and University classrooms, and by media for nationwide marketing competitions. Over the past seven years, Commodity Challenge has reached thousands of users in 20 different states.

Up to now, all of the games played on Commodity Challenge were old crop games, i.e., the game assumed you harvested corn and held it in storage. All cash price quotes were spot prices, or the price for corn delivered today.

We’ve made a change.

Last week was a first for Commodity Challenge. I established three new crop pricing games, one each for Iowa corn, Minnesota soybeans and Montana hard red spring wheat. What makes these games different is the price quotes for each site – these are not spot quotes but new crop quotes. By quoting prices for delivery at harvest, the competition becomes one where you are trying for the best price before harvest.

If you would like to compete in one of these games, go to the Commodity Challenge website. Registering to play costs nothing. Once signed in, look for one of the three following games; Pre-Hrvst Corn Open, Pre-Hvt Soybean Open or the Pre-Hvst Wheat Open. Join a game and start placing orders. These are “open” games – anyone is welcome to join the competition.

Commodity Challenge is an educational game. Use the game to explore new pricing tools or practice executing a marketing plan. You might even have a little fun.

If you would like to set up a game for your own small group, please contact me at

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