Posted by: usset001 | November 15, 2011

New pre-harvest marketing simulations open to public use on Commodity Challenge

Commodity Challenge is an on-line trading game, featuring “real time” cash, futures and options quotes. It is used by farmers and marketing groups to improve marketing skills, and in high school and University classrooms. It is also popular with FFA groups. I’ve started 60 games this year, twice the number of any previous year.

Most of the games on Commodity Challenge are closed to participants outside of a particular marketing group or classroom. To say they are closed simply means that these games are password protected. However, I also have a number of open games where no password is needed to play. I put the open games out there for you adventurous types who would like to explore Commodity Challenge. You can place orders, check account actions and just develop a feel for how the game works. Remember that Commodity Challenge is an educational game. Use it to explore new pricing tools or practice executing a marketing plan. You might have a little fun and be inspired to have a game set-up for a group in your area.

Virtually all of the games played on Commodity Challenge are old crop games where the game assumes that your harvested grain is held in storage. All cash price quotes are spot prices, or the price for grain delivered today. Storage costs accrue. Old crop open games include the Iowa Corn Open 2011, the MN Soybean Open 2011 and the Montana open 2011.

Today I established three more open games which feature 2012 new crop pricing. These games include the Preharvest Corn Open, the Preharvest Soy Open and the Preharvest HRW Open. What makes these pre-harvest games different from other games is the price quote for each site. Quotes are not spot quotes but new crop quotes. By quoting prices for delivery at harvest, the competition becomes one where you are trying for the best price before harvest.

If you would like to compete in an open game, go to the Commodity Challenge website. You must register to play, and registration is free. Once signed in, look for an open game. You can participate in as many games as you wish.

If you would like to set up a game for your own small group, please contact me at

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