Posted by: usset001 | September 7, 2012

When is it time to price 2013 corn, soybeans and wheat?

Not yet, but we are close.

New crop 2013 prices for corn (Dec’13 @ $6.50+), soybeans (Nov’13 @ $13.75+) and HRS wheat (Sep’13 @ $9.50+) are very attractive. My pre-harvest marketing plans are written but not posted – I consider them active once I have posted them for public consumption. So why not take action? Two reasons: (1) prices continue to trend higher and, (2) I am not particularly concerned about a quick drop in prices. If bad news were to hit the market, I think nearby prices could drop quickly but deferred prices more slowly.

So I’m not doing anything about 2013 yet, but it is on my mind. I hope you’re thinking about it too.


  1. Mr. Usset, can you tell me (us) your estimate of total production costs per bushel for: Corn, Beans, Wheat.
    I thank you a lot for your help on this. Ron Lucas, Carrollton, Mo

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