Posted by: usset001 | April 9, 2013

Welcome to the new Commodity Challenge

CC-coverThe new Commodity Challenge is up and running! Here are five things you need to know about the new game and website.

1. Everyone must register anew with the new website. As before, registration is easy and free (game set-up also remains free thanks to generous sponsorship support from MN Soybean, Farm Credit and the North Central Risk Management Education Center). You will find a portal to the old site on the sign-in page.

2. Commodity Challenge has a great new look! There is a sign-in page, a home page and, once you join a game, a dashboard for playing a game. Players will find it to be very intuitive and easy to navigate. Use the feedback tab if you have suggestions or questions about game play or the site.

3. The new game features position limits that are tied to grain production. This feature emphasizes Commodity Challenge as a game for risk management education, and not for speculative trading. If a players position (owned or sold) is greater than production, they will receive message reminders that they need to take offset an existing position or cancel an open order to get in line with production.

4. Game leaders, have access to reviewing the actions of the players in your game – they have the power to manage a game!

5. Cash market selection is much broader – as broad as the reach of GeoGrain. GeoGrain is a service that gathers grain quotes from thousands of local cash markets each day. Your game can be customized to display local grain quotes relevant to you and your group. We can even offer daily quotes on forward contracts – your Commodity Challenge game can be an “old crop” game (bushels harvested and in storage) or a “new crop” game (bushels to be harvested months in the future).

Would you like to start a game on the new website? Send me an email with the following info: location (city and state), start date, end date, grains to trade (corn, soybeans, HRW wheat, SRW wheat, HRS wheat), and bushels.

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