Posted by: usset001 | June 27, 2013

More games available to play at Commodity Challenge

CC-coverWe unveiled the rebuilt and redesigned Commodity Challenge in early April and it is off to a blazing start. I’ve started 28 games for players in 10 different states – pretty good numbers (3 times year ago figures) for a time period which is typically slow.

Today I started four more open games. Open games are just what they sound like – games open for anyone to play (i.e. no password needed). These games include Kansas HRW Wheat, Indiana SRW Wheat, Ohio Soybeans and Illinois Corn. These open games are your opportunity to explore Commodity Challenge and learn more about the task of grain marketing. (FYI, my figure for 28 games started does NOT include open games – only password protected games that are started at the request of an interested group.)

Games have been started for high school classes, farm business management student, and farm groups. I’ve even started several games for private companies who want to use Commodity Challenge to introduce new employees to the concepts and terminology of grain trading. I’d like to start a game for your group. All I need for a quick start game is a location, group name, a start date and an end date. I will have you up and running in a matter of minutes.

I’m getting lots of positive feedback, and it is free! Take some time to learn what it’s about at


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