Posted by: usset001 | July 16, 2013

Minnesota Corn Conditions and Yield Trends

We are deep enough into the 2013 growing season to start thinking about yield prospects for Minnesota corn. There are some critical development stages ahead in the next few weeks, but we do have a series of crop conditions reports for the current year that can be used to compare to previous years.

MN crop conditions 1986-2013 Crop conditions through mid-July 2013 measure up to an average year. The accompanying chart shows average Minnesota corn crop conditions over 30 plus years. I selected, for comparison, the average crop conditions during the five best and worst years from 1986-2012. Clearly, conditions are much better than the poor years, but we have a ways to go before we can call anything great. Hopelessly average.

My estimate for a Minnesota trend-line yield for corn in 2013 is 174 bushels/acre. If conditions hold steady (close to the long term average), I see Minnesota heading towards, but modestly short of, a trend-line yield.

MN corn yields 1914-2013


  1. Corn is catching up fast in Southwestern Minnesota. We’ll have most fields tasseled before next week is over. I agree that we should expect a trend line or lower crop.

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