Posted by: usset001 | July 16, 2013

Minnesota Soybean Conditions and Yield Trends

MN soybean yields 1934-2013I drove to Mankato from the Twin Cities yesterday, and it gave me the opportunity to conduct a 60 mile-per-hour crop tour. I see too many washed-out low spots in the corn, but the rest of the fields generally look great. Soybeans simply look too small.

Crop conditions in soybeans through mid-July 2013 are above average for Minnesota. The accompanying chart shows average Minnesota soybean crop conditions over 30 plus years. For comparison, I selected the average crop conditions during the five best and worst years from 1986-2012. Conditions are much better than the poor years but the soybeans are small and  we have a ways to go before we can call anything great.

MN soybean crop conditions 1986-2013

My estimate for a Minnesota trend-line yield for soybeans in 2013 is about 42.5 bushels/acre.


  1. Oh yes, the soybeans are small here in southwestern Minnesota. The weather seems to have turned to dry and that will not help those soybeans put on much more height. Also weed pressure seems to be much greater than normal. This is not going to be a trend line crop for soybeans here. I would not be surprised to see an average yield her of closer to 30 bpa.

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