Posted by: usset001 | May 20, 2014

2014 Pre-Harvest Grain Marketing Plans are posted

bullandbearIf there is such a thing as normal, 2014 is acting like a normal year. New crop prices for corn, soybeans and wheat have shown some life this spring. Dec’14 corn is off 40 cents in the past two weeks but remains 25 cents higher than the January lows. Sep’14 spring wheat futures are $1/bu. higher than the start of the year, despite losing 50 cents/bu. in the last two weeks. Nov’14 soybeans, however, are the star. Prices are more than $1/bu. higher and, unlike corn and wheat, there has been no give back in recent weeks. Nov’14 soybeans at $12.50/bu. and Sep’14 wheat at $7.60/bu. remain at levels above my minimum pricing objectives. New crop soybean prices remain very attractive relative to corn.

My 2014 pre-harvest marketing plans have been updated and you can find them here.

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