Posted by: usset001 | July 25, 2014

New HRW Wheat games on Commodity Challenge

Commodity-ChallengeThe winter wheat harvest is rapidly coming to a close. I celebrate by starting 3 new games on Commodity Challenge. The new games are the Kansas HRW Wheat Open, the Nebraska HRW Wheat Open and the Oklahoma HRW Wheat Open. As their titles suggest, these games are open to anyone who wants to test or practice their wheat marketing skills, in a game that uses real-time cash, futures and options quotes. The games will be available from now through early June, 2015.

Commodity Challenge is an on-line trading game, features real time cash, futures and options quotes. Unlike other trading websites, Commodity Challenge highlights marketing decisions and risk management tools, and not speculation. Best of all, it is educational and free!

In order to play Commodity Challenge, you must first register at Check the HELP section for how to instructions, but I think most people will find it to be very intuitive. Check the LEARN section for on-line curricula and videos. Once you are registered, you can access the games from their home page. Simply select “FIND A GAME.”

Good luck!

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