Posted by: usset001 | February 20, 2015

2015 Pre-Harvest Marketing Plans for Corn, Soybeans and HRS Wheat

Corn 2015 Pre-Harvest PlanThe bad blogger returns.

My pre-harvest marketing plans were written over two months ago, but I have yet to post them (check here soon). Why the lack of urgency? New crop pricing opportunities for corn, soybeans and HRS wheat remain quite a bit lower than my minimum price objectives for getting started. Hence, no action.

This is the first time in 14 years that I have written pre-harvest marketing plans with minimum prices less than production costs (and they are just modestly below costs). Why now? The production and sale of grain should be about maximizing profits, but commodity markets can be cruel. When markets are down, it may help to focus on minimizing losses.

As February comes to a close, my attention is shifting towards spring, and the onset of the “too-too” season. I am banking on a spring or early summer rally in prices to give me (and you) the chance to get started on pricing 2015 crops at prices better than what we have seen over the past 3 months.

HRS Wheat 2015 Pre Harvest PlanCan I guarantee better opportunities? Of course not. But I am hoping for the best.


Soybeans 2015 Pre Harvest Plan




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