About Ed Usset

Edward Usset serves as a Grain Marketing Specialist for the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota, the developers of FINPACK software and a variety of educational programs.

Working with his colleagues at CFFM and in extension, Ed developed the award winning “Winning the Game” series of workshops. He also helped develop “Tool Time,” a new series of workshops dedicated to understanding and using grain pricing tools. He teaches “Futures and Options Markets” at the University. His first book, “Grain Marketing is Simple (it’s just not easy)” was released in 2007. You can reach him at usset001@umn.edu.


  1. Dear Ed,

    I am using your forms to write my marketing plan for soft red winter wheat production here in Ohio. What would you use for a starting date and the incremental dates and also a final date for the Pre-Harvest Marketing Plan? I just bought your book Grain Marketing Is Simple and am part way through it. Great book! Thanks.

  2. Monty
    My apologies for the late response. I like to start my marketing plans about 10 months prior to harvest. For soft wheat, I would activate a 2009 plan in September 2008. I would be willing to make sales earlier, but I would limit them to 33% of expected production and I want a premium of 20-30 cents per bushel.

    For dates, I like to spread them out in the Mar-May time period, several months before harvest.

    I am pleased that you enjoy the book.

  3. Dear Ed,
    The response to “Pre-Harvest Marketing Tools has been fantastic!! We have been using the volatility calculator to evaluate options. Can you use this tool for spreads to evaluate the net cost of say a put option to set a bottom in the market?
    Thanks Ed!!

  4. i need your service

  5. any one interested in relocating to LONDON , MAJOR EURO FINAnCIAL INSTITS , LOOKING for a senior grain marketer (derivatives a plus) , european clients and /or middle eastern clients , excellent remuneration and opportunity .
    location: london
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  6. Merry Christmas Ed,

    I would like to discuss the possiblilty of you speaking at the Annual Meeting of Alliance Ag Cooperative in Regent ND on January 26, 2011. Could you contact me at 701-567-4343 or 701-516-3755? I have been searching for your email address, but no luck.



  7. Is there a readily available and useable chart for basis for corn and soybeans, minneapolis market? I had one and lost it in a computer upgrade?!

    • I do not have that chart. The info is available to create it, but it would take some effort to put it together.

  8. Ed, Would you know or anyone here know the calculations on full carry on soybean oil?


  9. Hi Ed,
    I’m long May 11 corn and short Dec 11 corn. with all the other macro events going on I was hoping you could give me your thoughts. is it normal for old crop to gain over new crop when acres are looking to be bought??

  10. I’m working on becoming a better marketer for my small grain farm. Anyway I can get your book electronically? I’m an avid kindle user, so if I can get an electronic version I’ll always have it.

  11. My book is available thru Lulu.com. Simply search for “Grain Marketing is Simple.” $29.95 plus S&H.

  12. Ed, do you have any online workshops dedicated to understanding and using grain pricing tools?

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